International Exhibition Specialists


In 2005, Domus Group was established as a sister company to Mediac Communications and Exhibitions, established in 1994. Due to over 20 years of experience in the field, both companies have innovatively worked hand in hand in order to host exhibitions that would cater the needs of different fields in the region.

“Our aim is to introduce successful exhibitions and bring business the region, given Dubai is the Hub of Business to our aim is to serve major sectors”

Abdulla Abulhoul, CEO of Domus Group

As a group, we believe in the power of exhibitions and conferences to bring about unique business opportunities in the region. We seek to deliver impressionable shows that would act as a guide for up and coming business, and that would contribute to the growth and prosperity of the economy at large. Our past successes include The Arab Hunting Show, The Agriculture Show, The Baking Show, The Media and Marketing Show, and our current flagship exhibition, The Dubai Helishow.


Abdulla Abulhoul

CEO of Domus Group

Maysoon Abulhoul

Chief Operating Officer of Domus Group

Ahmad Abulhoul

Managing Director of Domus Group